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Exemptions are defined as property that has been removed from the assessment roll, and are thus excluded from taxation. 



What exemption are available & how do I apply for them?


The Adair County PVA Office grants an agricultural exemption for all parcels containing 10 acres or more. This is done automatically by us to ensure that all taxpayers have the lowest tax liability allowed by law. An exemption is also granted for taxpayers 65 years or older (Homestead exemption) or those deemed permanently disabled (Disability exemption) or those permanently disabled through military service (Military disability). Please remember only one exemption per household and it applies to your primary residence only. Keep in mind that the person applying for the exemption must be the named on the deed of property.



Contact any of these local districts with questions you may have.




Agricultural Exemption Information


Disability Exemption Information


Homestead Exemption Information


Non-Profit Exemption Information


Religious Exemption Information



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